We have had the pleasure of Michele Herring tutoring our children in writing, history and government.  Michele is incredibly gifted and brings both energy and passion to any subject she teaches. She has the ability to connect with the students in a special way and guides them towards excellence. While we were committed to homeschooling throughout high school, we found that as our kids got older, having accountability outside the home was beneficial.  We were confident that Michele would reinforce the high standards we desired for our kids.  Our children were well prepared for dual enrollment at the community college largely as a result of the impact that Michele has had on their lives.  They are now thriving at their first choice schools. Michele has also served as the director of our homeschool umbrella.  She is thorough in her oversight and has a wealth of experience she shares to make homeschooling through high school attainable to those called to the task.  Serving as the guidance counselor for our family, Michele was prompt to write letters of recommendations prepare and submit transcripts, and just be a calming presence during the stressful times of college applications and admissions. Whether you are just beginning this journey or are a well seasoned homeschooling parent, if you are looking for guidance navigating the myriad homeschooling options , I highly recommend seeking Michele’s expert advice. You will walk away with greater insight and a renewed sense of confidence and joy needed to press on to graduation.


Michele is a wealth of homeschool information in a hardworking and efficient package. For years, she has smoothly directed our large homeschool umbrella, guiding members in matters such as meeting COMAR (legal) requirements, obtaining high school credits, earning work-study credit, and getting into colleges. She has created transcripts and diplomas for our children, and she has written excellent letters of recommendation for them for college entry and employment opportunities. You will appreciate her help.

Michele Herring has been a true treasure to my homeschooling ventures with my fourteen children, she has kept us organized and on top of all our homeschooling journeys. I would have been lost without her help, direction, and constant answers. I often send my friends to her for advice in all things homeschool. I would highly suggest her well balanced help in any area!
Netasha: Michele was a tremendous resource and support through our homeschooling journey.  Since the high school years can feel overwhelming, it was such a blessing having Michele as the director of the Mount Oak Christian School umbrella.  She maintained my children’s transcripts, performed the role of guidance counselor when my children completed college applications, submitted countless numbers of letters of recommendation on their behalf, and had transcripts ready to be distributed when we needed them for scholarship applications.  In addition, she kept families under her supervision updated regarding new legislation pertinent to homeschooling.  Her reliability, helpfulness and organization were what I needed especially during the high school years.  I encourage any homeschooling parent who feels like she needs support to contact Michele.  Her years of personal experience will undoubtedly be an asset to your family.