About Me
I am a homeschooling mother of 4 in the state of Maryland just outside of DC.  I began my journey in 2003 and approached homeschooling through various opportunities, which included home instruction, co-ops, tutorials, and dual enrollment at community college.  I have graduated 3 of my children who have all gotten into the college of their choice and my 4th is currently a senior in High School.  My oldest attends my Alma mater, University of MD-College Park, where as a freshman he got straight into the Smith School of Business and also the Honors College; he is now in the plus 1 program and getting his masters with one extra year of college. My second child, who got into the Honors College at NC State, entered as a sophomore with 33 college credits that she earned while in high school.  My third child is attending her father's Alma mater, East Carolina University, this fall and will also be matriculating in as a sophomore since she earned 30 credits in college as a high schooler. I have been my kid's guidance counselor, teacher, transcript preparer, college application advisor, letter of recommendation writer and more. 
I am also the director of an Umbrella in Bowie and apply COMAR and its main statute of "regular thorough instruction," which is required by all homeschoolers in the state of Maryland.  I see the homeschool community growing by leaps and bounds and most people researching this type of learning don't know where to begin.  I know I can very quickly, easily, and expertly share my knowledge with you while also getting rid of that feeling of being overwhelmed.  You may not know where to begin or you may be asking how can my teenager get into a good college if I homeschool?   So please contact me if you think I can help you with some free guidance or want to hire me to complete your child's transcript.

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