About Me
I am a homeschooling mother of 4 in the state of Maryland just outside of DC.  I began my journey in 2003 and approached homeschooling through various opportunities which included home instruction, co-ops, tutorials, and dual enrollment at community college. I have also been teaching other students in various co-ops and tutorials.  I began teaching others in 2009 for my daughter's class and continued to teach as my children aged up.  I taught my first high school class in 2013 and have been teaching ever since.  I have taught American Literature and Composition, World Lit & Comp, British Lit & Comp, American History, World Cultural History, American Government, Debate, Foundations in Technology, and Bible Study.  I am currently a tutor at Bridge Tutorial Ministries which meets twice a week in Bowie,MD.  
I have graduated 3 of my children who have all gotten into the college of their choice and my 4th is currently a senior.  My oldest attends my Alma mater, University of MD-College Park, where as a freshman he got straight into the Smith School of Business and also the Honors College; he is now in the plus 1 program and getting his masters with one extra year of college. My second child, who got into the Honors College at NC State, entered as a sophomore with 33 college credits that she earned while in high school.  My third child is attending her father's Alma mater, East Carolina University, and matriculated in as a sophomore since she earned 30 credits in community college as a high schooler. I have been my kid's guidance counselor, teacher, transcript preparer, college application advisor, letter of recommendation writer and more. So, if you ever need advice, just hit me up!