Foundations of Technology (1 full credit: Nov 30 - April 30)

Art History (1/2 or 1 full credit: Jan 5 - April 30)

Classes meet twice a week and cost $35 a month
Foundations of Tech

Tuesdays/Thursdays 8:30-9:25am (ZOOM)

Break for 2 weeks at Christmas, 3rd week in February, and Easter week.

Learn computing and information technology concepts and skills that are fundamental to social, personal, business, and academic environments. Learn about the Internet, networking, hardware, software, security, privacy, ethics, and emerging technologies. Participate in hands-on labs using G Suite products and applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, tables, presentations, and more.


A computer (access to zoom with a camera) Computers Made Easy by James Bernstein (ISBN 9781983154836)

G Suite for Dummies by Paul McFedries (ISBN9781119742173)

Google Drive Reference & Cheat Sheet (ISBN 9781939924438)

Art History

coming soon

American History (full)

Taught at Bridge Tutorial Ministries (Tu/Th)

This year-long course covers American History beginning with Columbus and other explorers and ending with Modern America. The focus will be on history taught through critical events such as wars and treaties. Memorization of key facts as well as completing a timeline is required. Additionally, there will be a project for each quarter. This course will count for one credit of American History.

American Gov't (full)

Taught at Bridge Tutorial Ministries (Tu/Th)

This course provides analysis and practical-learning approach to the study of the history and current policies of the US Government, including tracking current events as well as completing 4 practical projects. It will cover federal, state, and local governments with emphasis placed on the national government. Additionally, we will be closely following the Presidential race and election. This course counts as one credit for American Government. 

British Lit & Comp (full)

Taught at Bridge Tutorial Ministries (Tu/Th)

This course will cover some sampling of classic British literature. Analytical discussions and Socratic circles will be routine. An essay will be written to accompany each piece of literature and a research paper will be required in 2nd Semester. We will learn how to write effectively by using a blend of IEW and Lost Tools of Writing techniques. Books will be analyzed so the student can recognize genre, theme, literary devices, conventions, and motifs. Mastery of the 5 paragraph persuasive essay is the main goal of this class. Vocabulary accompanies this course in order to complement and expand the student's understanding of more advanced words. Lastly, we will cover poetry with a poetry pack that I will create. This course will count as one credit of English. There is no grammar curriculum in this class as we will only do grammar review and no workbook. Ideally, the student is already very proficient in grammar at this level of high school writing; if not, you must supply a grammar curriculum at home for your student.

American Lit & Comp

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