My Expertise: homeschooling as a mom, tutor, advisor, and Umbrella Director

I offer 3 services:
1)Free advice - SEE BELOW on various homeschool topics
2)Transcript services for an annual fee ($20) Click HERE for sample transcript
3)College services: guidance, applications & essay writing ($20 per 1/2 hour)
Where to start

The basics start with at any point during the year you decide to homeschool, you must notify your county.  Just google your county and state and the words "home school notification form" and you should easily find the form you will need to use. For example, I just did that for my county in MD and it came up:

For the list of all the MD county homeschool coordinators and their contact info, just click HERE. Another quick way to find out key info about homeschooling in your state is to google "FAQ for homeschool state name." Here you go for MD:

Teaching Options

Homeschooling is not just at HOME!  Teaching can happend in many different venues. Once you tap into the homeschool community, you will find so many opportunities and options that you probably can't do everything you want to.  There are field trips, seminars, co-ops and tutorials that meet once or twice a week, lego teams, robotic teams, homeschool discounted sports days (gymnastics, dance, karate...). I recommend hopping on Facebook and joining your state home school facebook group. Also, most educational facilities, like museums or science centers, have programs that are specifically geared for home school students.  They know this community is huge now and have discounted classes and programs just for you! Use the internet to find something close to you by typing in "museum homeschool programs" and you will find something.  Here is what I found on my first search for Maryland:

Click on the below link and scroll to the bottom for a bunch of DC related activites:

Know your rights & regs

Read your state homeschool regulations which can be found on your State Dept of Education website.  These guidelines will tell you what is required by law for you to homeschool your child.  These statutes also tell you your rights as a homeschooling parent.  Or just go to HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association) to find out your basic statutes and rights and click on your state:

 For more DETAILED state requirements that are very comprehensive, visit this website:



Learn what you need to teach for your child at their grade level. For the state of MD, the MDk12 website shows every subject and what should be taught at every grade level: 

Find curriculum that makes it fun and easy and conforms to your needs.  Learn options and ways to teach primary education as well as secondary.  Explore their passions and cater to their strengths of learning. Visit my favorite website with loads of curriculum options and personal reviews:

Learning styles/issues

Now is your chance to offer your child classes and programs that interest them.  In addition to the 4 core subjects of math, science, English, and history, find the classes and subjects that ignite your child's passions and interests.  Find out what to do with that child who whizzes through textbooks or that child who struggles with reading.  I have had both scenarios and that is why my son finished both Algebra 1 and 2 before high school.  I have also had to get one of my children tested for dyslexia after first grade because reading was a struggle and brought her hours of frustration and tears.  Find out how to work with children that are not mainstream.  Also, visit HSLDA for more information if you have a child with special needs or an IEP so you know your rights to get the help you need:

Transcript & College Services

Need a transcript?  Click HERE for a sample transcript. As the Director of an Umbrella, I have been completing transcripts for students for 8 years.  This means I have done close to 200 transcripts so far.  I have had students get into the Naval Academy, UMD College Park, UGA, NC State, U Pitt, Ohio State, ECU and more. 

Transcript services begin with one on one consultation and have an annual fee of $20, which does not include ANY extra fees (like other popular transcript services) for printing or making copies to be sent anywhere.  You will have direct access to the document so you can do the sending or printing yourself with no delay.

Need help with applying to College? Not only do I have experience with my 3 children applying for college, but also dozens of students in the Umbrella that I run. This includes extensive knowledge of the Common Application, The Coalition, and direct application to colleges.  It is very confusing and time consuming if you have never applied to college.  Let me help you figure out where you want to attend college and how you can set yourself up to become a prime candidate of the college of your choice. My initial consultation is free and if you want to hire me, my fee is $20 per 1/2 hour.  I can also help you with your college essays since I am an English tutor and have edited many college application essays. 

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