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Do you need to find a course for your homeschooled high schooler? Do you or your child need more accountability and third party validation or help in subjects like writing, history, or tech ed?  Do you want to find a class that is engaging, interactive, and actually interesting?  If so, please look at my class offerings and hopefully you will find a class that can be part of your child's education.

Whether you are new to homeschooling or a veteran, feel free to check out some amazing videos from seasoned homeschooling moms from the Bowie area.  There are lots of resources that are available (see below videos and links) and I am always available to answer your questions, just feel free to connect with my by email.

FREE Advice via my recordings:

Watch one of my FREE uploaded you tube videos.  I have been recorded on "How to Homeschool Through High School" and also "How to get your child into college."

How to Homeschool Through High School

High School to College

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Watch some MORE OUTSTANDING FREE ADVICE from seasoned homeschool moms from BETH-M/BridgeX:

Homeschool 101 (the basics)

Homeschooling Pre-K through Elementary

First Years of Homeschool Parent Panel

To Umbrella or not Umbrella

Check out the First Virtual Homeschool Fair in Bowie hosted by Bridge Elementary at Mt Oak Church.  All the vendors were pre-recorded and share all their amazing services for homeschoolers.  Everything from math tutoring to art, science to wordsmart, robotics to tutorials, sports to debate.  These programs are available in the DMV area:

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